Biologia verde

Genetic improvement


Biotechnology and Molecular Biology


Plantation management

Among the objectives of a genetic improvement program are:
  • Improve existing genetic material, even for a single character.
  • Vary, improve or select characteristics such as: adaptability to adverse conditions, tolerance to pests and diseases, productivity, polyphenolic content, etc.
Oleia is developing a genetic improvement program in collaboration with the University of Córdoba that includes a large team of geneticists and biotechnologists with the aim of:
  • Obtaining new varieties of olive with greater resistance to cold, early maturing and producing an oil with a high content of polyphenols.
The use of biotechnology and molecular biology, fundamental tools used by Oileia allows us to develop different activities such as:
  • Obtaining new varieties, a long-lasting and complex process,especially in woody species, involving a large number of factors.
  • Accelerate the production of plants of the new selected genotypes, by in vitro culture.
  • In vitro evaluation of different parameters, such as tolerance to biotic factors (pests and diseases) or abiotic factors (salinity, drought, extreme temperatures).
  • Characterize our varieties by using DNA markers, associate markers with some phenotypic characteristics, certify the varietal guarantee of our plants, etc.
  • Molecular diagnosis to assess the health status of all our plant material.
Oileia maximizes the profitability, economic and environmental sustainability of the plantations, paying attention to different agronomic lines such as:
  • Driving system.
  • Deficit irrigation.
  • Ecological management.
  • Directed mycorrhization.
  • Precision fertilization.
  • Phytosanitary and weed control.


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